8 Things You Should Do When You Move to a New Home

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8 Things You Should Do When You Move to a New Home

It’s unquestionably an achievement to close on a property in today’s real estate market. Having made it through the offer process, mortgage applications, and closing, you may feel ready to relax and enjoy your new house. However, don’t get too relaxed because moving into a new house and becoming a homeowner requires a lot of work. 

When you move into a new house, you must become familiar with it, understand where everything is, and set priorities for the tasks you want to accomplish first. Instead of hoping everything will work out later, it’s best to start immediately.

To help you get started, we have compiled a checklist of things you should be doing buying a new home.

1. Get the repair work done

If you move into a brand-new house with no previous owners, you will probably have some maintenance work. If you had your house inspected, it would have given you an idea of what maintenance issues you might be facing. 

However, you can always look around on your own to assess what needs fixing and what should be the priority. Depending on where you’re moving, you’ll need to pay attention to certain things that may be problematic in that area.

For instance, Virginia is known for its frequent hurricanes, thunderstorms, and hail storms. Residents in the state often have to maintain roof repairs because of damage to the shingles and the underlayment. Those moving to the state will need professional roof repair Petersburg VA services and stormproof ceilings to stay safe in the harsh weather. 

Similarly, check around for old plumbing and electrical lines that need to be replaced. A solid house structure will play an essential role in your quality of life, so inspect it thoroughly. 

2. Utility checks

Ensure all your utilities are set up before you move, including electricity, gasoline, water, heating and air conditioning, phone, and Wi-Fi. After you have moved into your new home, contact your neighborhood waste management company to arrange garbage pickup.

3. Get the locks changed

When you move into a new place, it’s a good idea to replace the locks immediately. You never know who might have a key to your new home, even if you don’t worry about the former owner. You can change the locks yourself or arrange for a professional locksmith to visit the property if you feel comfortable doing so. A situation like this is unquestionably one in which being safe is better than being sorry. Ensure that all of your property’s interior and exterior doors are rekeyed. It is a small price to pay for the peace of mind it provides.

4. Give your home a deep clean

Before moving your furniture into your new house, clean every crevice. Likely, the previous owner did not thoroughly clean it before you moved in, at least not to your satisfaction.

Get a cleaning agency to come in and give everything a good once-over or do it yourself. It is only fair that you get a pristine canvas for all the hard work and effort you invested in your new home!

5. Look over or purchase a home warranty

Some homeowners receive a home warranty from the seller to protect their primary systems or appliances. After moving to a new home, the last thing you want is a broken dishwasher or HVAC system. 

If you have a home warranty, now is a good time to check the coverage details and how to submit a claim. In case you don’t have a home warranty, consider purchasing one.

6. Mind map where everything goes

You’ll save a lot of time and trouble by creating a method for planning everything before moving into a new home. Consider your ideal arrangement for bulky items like furniture when touring the house; this will give you a general idea of what goes where.

Once you’ve envisioned where you’ll move things, unpack and organize your items accordingly.

7. Change your address on documents

If you haven’t changed your address with the post office before moving day, do it immediately after the move. It is important to inform your friends and family about your move, as well as your bank, any loan providers you may have, and anyone else who regularly sends you mail.

8. Host a housewarming party

A celebration is definitely in order when you move into a new place. There are several advantages to hosting a housewarming party. Firstly, it will inspire you to unpack and settle into your home quicker than you would. It also allows you to meet your new neighbors by inviting them over for a social gathering and some food. 

Invitations to your party will also inform your other friends and family members of your new address. A housewarming party is also a great way to break into your house and begin this new chapter.


Although relocating to a new house might be somewhat intimidating, the methods above can make the process a little less difficult. Considering the amount of work involved, you shouldn’t feel embarrassed to ask a friend or relative for assistance.

You can even call professional services to handle difficult tasks like deep cleaning, roof repairs, and party planners. Your new place will start to seem more like a home the sooner you can take care of the major tasks.

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