All the latest decorating ideas for renters!

Renting is sometimes the only solution for now, or maybe it’s preferred… but all renters have the same problem when it comes to making it feel like your rental property feel like a home. There are a lot of restrictions when it comes to painting or knocking out walls. We have found the perfect decorating ideas for renters with solution to the most common renters’ problems. These will have you turning your temporary home into “your home” today.

Renting property how to decorate

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Add lighting around the home with lamps

Lighting is an easy decorating tip for creating a mood and warmth. By picking the right style lamps or simply changing the light bulbs to a warmer light, you can cheaply change the feel of a room without breaking the bank.

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Add textures with fabric

Throws and cushions instantly add colour without having to do much at all, the simplest way to decorate your rental today! You can inject your own style or personality into room easily.

Attaching things to walls, safely

Using temporary hooks for wall art, high-quality wall decals, and suction products are honestly the best solution to safely attach items to your walls. We do recommend doing your research though, as some “cheaper knockoffs” may use lower quality glues that could leave marks or strip paint.

Try these suction products

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Add plants to create life and warmth

Plants will always be a fantastic solution to add personalisation to your rental property and add that feeling of life. There are a lot of indoor plants that are low maintenance and can thrive in filtered or low light, so you should have no problem finding the right one for that room.

Finding storage in unexpected places

Storage is something that all renters always have a problem with at some point. An important tip is to think outside of the box as any empty space could be a storage solution. In bathrooms, suction products are good for adding storage for toiletries. There are also trays and baskets that will slide easily under the bed for more storage.

Try these storage products



There really are low light indoor plants!

Sometimes that shady corner of your home is often forgotten. But fear not, because you can actually fill that forgetting corner with low light indoor plants!

We have picked our favourite easy-care house plants that will survive in low light or shady corners.

Indoor plants that love low light
Maidenhair Fern indoor low light plant

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Maidenhair Fern

Ferns are well known for surviving extremely well indoors, but this fern in particular is perfect when it comes to shade or low-lit corners as it “burns” easily. It’s easily noticeable because its fine glossy leaf stalk often reminds people of hair.

Parlour Palm low light indoor plant

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Parlour Palm

I think most of us have seen this plant in someone’s home over the years because it’s so easy to care for, making the perfect house plant. It loves those low light corners where nothing else will grow and requires very minimal care to survive.

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Snake Plant

The snake plant, also known as Mother-in-Law’s tongue, is an extremely popular house plant as it’s so easy to care for and considered quite a stylish plant. Its tall upward growing leaves give it its popular appeal, and it is often styled in mid-century style homes.

To help keep you plants alive (Recommended)

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This indoor plant is most noticeable by the beautiful pattern on its leaves. It’s also quite a small plant and will only grow up to 6 inches, making it also very easy to maintain in the low to medium light corners.

Devils Ivy indoor plant low light

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Devil’s Ivy

This is an extremely easy to care for plant that will just keep growing! It doesn’t need much sunlight, so it’s often found growing in low-lit corners or bathrooms.

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Peace Lily

If you sometimes find that the main reason your plants die is due to lack of watering, then the Peace Lily is for you! It flourishes in any low light areas and is a beautiful indoor plants with its white flowers.

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Showroom kitchen updates on a budget? You can!

There is a way to help you achieve your Kitchen updates on a budget and create that showroom feel! We have five easy and inexpensive ways to achieve that!

Showroom kitchen on a budget

Declutter your kitchen

There is nothing worse than having a kitchen that feels so unusable because your counters are just filled with kitchen accessories and appliances. By removing anything unnecessary, including small counter appliances to a cupboard, you instantly have a decluttered harmonious kitchen without spending a cent.

Bring in herbs or greenery

Plants will always be a perfect way to bring your own kitchen to life. Plants can be especially tricky to add in a small kitchen, but if you place a few small potted herbs on the window sill, it can create such big impact.

Colour color kitchen design

IMAGE by @mk_maison

Keep it simple with one accent colour

After you have decluttered and removed items from your kitchen, it’s the perfect time to start adding colour back in. Selecting the colour of choice can be a big move to make. To do this, simply choose a colour from one of your main areas, such as your living room or dining room, and bring it into your kitchen. Add this colour in subtly with a budget friendly tea towel, art, plant pots, or small accessories such as salt and pepper shakers.

Add a bowl of fruit

Just like adding plants, a bowl of “fresh” fruit will instantly add life and colour to your kitchen. As a tip, faux fruit really does look fake, so – if possible – use real!

Update your kitchen cabinet handles

An inexpensive way to give your kitchen updates on a budget with big impact is to change the cupboard handles. It may seem so simple, but it’s really one of the cheapest and highest return on investment ideas, especially if you’re planning on selling. Plus, they are so simple to install as well!

Update your kitchen with these

There are so many different types of bed sheets!

Thread count

Thread count is the number of threads that pass through a square inch of your sheet. Generally, the lower the thread count, the rougher the sheets will be; but over time as the sheets are washed, they will get softer. If you’re looking for a more comfortable or dense bed sheet aim for the highest thread count within your budget.

Blue linen bedding


Linen is a popular fabric for bed sheets as it’s known to be anti-allergenic. This fabric is preferred for people with skin diseases, any allergies, or if you tend to overheat during the night. Linen fabric also allows a lot of air flow through it. Although linen can be a little rough at the start, after washing linen sheets, they become very soft with a nice added shine.

Linen Bed Sheet Picks


Silk is naturally hypoallergenic and is an excellent option for anyone who suffers from allergies, plus it will keep you cool if you tend to overheat at night. They do tend to be much more expensive and considered luxury bedding because of how they are produced and will require more delicate care when washing.

Silk Pillowcase Picks


Bamboo fabric can be known to feel silky, soft, very durable, and breathes like cotton. It’s the happy medium, giving people the best of both silk and cotton sheets without the high price tag. It’s made through chemically dissolving pulp, then turning it back into a solid to make a thread for the fabric.

Bamboo Bed Sheet Picks


Cotton material is the most common bed sheet fabric that comes it any colour. It’s extremely popular because it’s durable, easy to care for, and will get softer over time. Cotton does a great job of staying cool, even during the hot summer nights because it’s a very breathable fabric.

Cotton Bed Sheet Picks

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It really is that easy to add colour to your kitchen

Bright colours are not just for kids’ rooms! We have found some of the most amazing colourful and fun kitchens using every colour of the rainbow. You’ll be adding colour to your kitchen in to time!

You can update your kitchen design!

Creating a colourful kitchen can feel like a huge commitment, but as long as you remind yourself that nothing is permanent, you’ll really start to relax into the idea. A simple pop of colour can really freshen up the kitchen and make it feel like a whole new room in your home!


Colourful kitchen styling

Image Via Pinterest

So, whether it be some new tableware, tiles, paint, or just starting with some great new kitchen appliances, we have found the kitchens with easy and inspiring colour design that will get you adding pops of colour around in no time.

Instantly add pops of colour with these finds!

Kitchen decor styling ideas
Bright kitchen ideas
Orange kitchen cabinet
Pink and green kitchen styling
pops of colour in the kitchen
Bright pattern kitchen styling
Pink and green tile kitchen
Green cabinets kitchen
bright fun colour kitchen
Green tile kitchen decor style
Red counter kitchen the style index
Orange and teal kitchen decor ideas
colourful backdrop kitchen
Yellow fridge kitchen pops of colour
Yellow backdrop kitchen decor
Green stools in kitchen
colourful yellow kitchen the style index
Multi coloured chairs in kitchen
tiled and yellow wall kitchen
Orange fridge kitchen styling

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Are these Kitchen Gadgets a must have?

Do you hate cooking, or maybe cleaning up is the reason you can’t get inspired in the kitchen? Whatever the reason you avoid the kitchen, we have found 20+ kitchen gadgets that will make you want to start cooking and creating yummy and healthy dishes in no time!

Corn peeler kitchen aid gadget

These cool and practical kitchen finds will actually solve kitchen problems you didn’t know you had. These time-saving gadgets will have you slicing vegetables in ways you didn’t know were possible, make cleaning up after you’ve created that delicious meal a breeze or have you working hands-free in no time! They may even replace your trusty stainless steel kitchen knife or measuring cups!

You probably didn’t realise measuring spoons could be so cool. Now, if you’ve been meaning to upgrade to some useful kitchen gadgets, then this is the time to do it!

The kitchen gadgets you didn't know you needed!

Electronic Measuring Spoon

Tablet Holder

Multi-Functional Silicone Kitchen Sponge Brush 

Jar Opener Rubber Can Opener 

Zip Lock Storage Bags  Holder

Salad bowl holder kitchen essential

60 Second Salad Cutter Bowl

Red Silicone Fridge Can Beer Wine Bottle Rack

Slicer Full Grip Handle 

Stainless Steel Egg Tong Clip

Corn Shaver

Roller Mincer Cutter

Stainless Steel Egg White Yolk Filter Separator

Anti-Boil Over Lid Kitchen Gadgets Lid

Banana Slicer

Stainless Steel Spike Potato Knife 

Silicone Stretch Lids

Convenient Sponge Suction Cup

Multifunction vegetable and fruit easy cleaning utensils 

Fruit & Vegetable Corer 

Iron Cleaner Stainless Steel Chainmail 

Scandinavian decor can easily be done!

When you think of a Scandinavian decor, you will always think of statement buffers, sideboards or coffee tables, natural elements, and lots of white! Although there is usually a minimalist feel in the Scandinavian interior, there is a lot that is going into these designs. Very far from simple! Here’s how to create your own Scandinavian-inspired room!

Scandinavian living room grey

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White, white, and more white is the true colour that makes Scandinavian decor. White applies to everything in the room, floors, ceiling and, of course, walls. Starting with a simple base colour will allow you to add the accessories you need to make it feel like your home.

Staying true to this will also reflect on the artwork you hang on these walls. Typical Scandinavia art will have splashes of white or be in a white frame.

Try these finds


You will rarely see or install wall to wall carpet in a Scandinavia-inspired home. Natural elements, such as timber and stone, are the ideal textures of choice. When it comes to rugs, again a natural look is ideal such as wool or jute.

Try these finds


Statement pieces are key to this design. Scandinavian homes don’t often have a lot of furniture; they keep to statement designer pieces, and indeed, less is more.

When picking furniture, the key is choosing within the neutral grey and white colour palette and selecting furniture with a crisp clean line.

Try these finds


Although a high contrasting black and white room is not uncommon with Scandinavian decor, here is where you can add colour. Accessories need to be simple and not overpowering as colour is not often found in Scandinavian interiors. As we know, rules can always be broken, so if you choose to use colour, keep it to small bust within the room.

Try these finds

There is a thing as the wrong plant pot!

Is repotting important?

It is so important! Without proper repotting, your brand new plant will quickly outgrow its current plant pot and go from fresh and green to dry and brown. Unfortunately, this easy care tip is a common mistake that new plant owners tend to make. Repotting the plant allows the plant to grow and “spread out.” Aside from giving the plant more space, this will also allow you to change out old potting mix to something more nutritious for the plant.

How to care for plants dead

What size plant pot?

During your plants’ life, you will most likely go through a couple of different pots, and to ensure you’re not consistently changing it, it’s important to do your research. Having a pot too large can lead to root rot because the soil will take too long to drain. If you choose a plant pot that is too small, it means your plant soil will dry too quickly, and your plant might also not have enough room to grow. To ensure you don’t have these issues, select a pot that is 2-4 inches larger in diameter.

Try a pot cover to avoid over repotting

Let’s talk drainage

Root rot will be the end of your home garden, so we always recommend you have drainage to allow any excess water to leave your plant pot. If you have a container in mind that does not have drainage, you can always create your own drainage by layering pebbles and peat moss below the potting mix. This will drain any excess water. It may take some skill mastering the safe level of water required.

Tip: water regularly but in small quantity. If this option makes you nervous, get a pot with a drainage hole.

Too much clutter in your home?

We have all had those moments where we can’t find a single thing and you need help to declutter your home!

Having a messy interior can cause a great deal of unnecessary stress that you simple don’t need. Something simple such as locating your keys or finding that top you want to wear can get stressful and make you late. There are many reason things may get a little messy but before we reveal our tips and tricks here are some reasons why may need to stay calm, get organised and declutter your home.

Declutter a messy home tips

What happens if you don’t declutter your home?

Point 1: First of all, clutter simply causes stress! I’m sure we have all had moments where we tore the place apart looking for books, shoes or anything really and in the frenzy of finding it unfortunately you’ve created more mess.

Point 2: Are you the type of person who eats when you’re stressed? See where I’m going with this. Having a messy home may cause you to overeat or simple reach for the unhealthiest thing in your pantry because you can’t find anything else.

Point 3: Avoiding to declutter your home can negatively impact your daily life and can cause you to feel tired, lazy or demotivated. For example, having a messy desk can cause you to not take a moment to pay those bills or finish that assignment. You may not have the motivation to even declutter it.

Point 4: It’s probably costing you money in many ways because you can’t find anything! By not seeing an overdue bill, food going stale in the pantry or purchasing that 12th bottle of shampoo because you can’t find the spare.

Point 5: And finally, all that clutter is creating a perfect environment for germs and pests. If your home is messy it can be hard to get into all those corners and keep it clean, especial if you have pets.

Storage finds

Tips and hacks to help you declutter your home


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Time to update your living room decor!

We have all been there where your living room is feeling a little dull and you’re unsure on how to add that “spark” to your home. As a result you start to hate everything you own!
Most importantly, did you know you can instantly revitalise your living room quick and cheap with just a few simple interior design tips and tricks. It’s simple to create a whole new feel in your home without spending any money. All you need to do is look at what homewares you already own and place them in new areas. Seems easy enough right? Let us show you how.


Your step by step guide:

Step 1:First of all, move all your furniture around! Every single piece! Besides your lounge or rug make sure also move smaller pieces such as your coffee or side tables.

Step 2: Remove all accessories such as cushions, throws, wall hangings, vases or frames and simply add them in again. This will make you place all your items in a different location in your living room. This will therefore making the room feel different and brand new.

Step 3: Shop around your home! What we mean is, take the print from your study and move it into the living room decor or by swapping cushions with ones from your bedroom will add new colour and textures to your room. Plus in the process give the other rooms a bit of a lift.

Step 4: Finally introduce new life! By adding new plants and greenery to your living room decor it can change the entire feel and bring new energy.

Need Inspiration – Check out these beautiful living rooms and homeware finds to get started!

10+ Living rooms to get your inspired!


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