Books – The essential home styling accessory!

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Time to get on board the book tend A-SAP!

You cannot scroll pass an insta interior stylist image without seeing a BOOK somewhere tucked in the image. AND why? Because they are a great styling accessory. Just that little cover detail, maybe add a bit of monochrome colour or text on the book can add another layer or point of interest to the image. 

In your home they are a great space filler on a coffee table or look amazing stacked on a shelf #shelfies

So whether you use books to read or style we  have hunted down ten super cool books from one of our favourite stores, Shopbop, that look great on the outside and interesting on the inside. 

Chanel Three Book Set |  $106.90  |  BUY NOW

Do One Thing Every Day That Makes You Happy |  $18.53 |  BUY NOW

The Curated Closet |  $35.64 |  BUY NOW

Wonder Women | $24.23 |  BUY NOW

Vogue on Coco Chanel |  $28.51 |  BUY NOW

Eat Beautiful |  $42.76 |  BUY NOW

Cherry Bombe: The Cookbook |  $49.89 |  BUY NOW

Beaches: Gray Malin |  $57.02 |  BUY NOW

Buy my personal favourites are...

Have you seen these viral trending Amazon finds that we cant get enough off!

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