Declutter your Kitchen – It could be making you sick?

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It’s time to declutter kitchen countertops, cupboards and more!

The kitchen, just like the rest of the home, can end up being overly cluttered and full of unnecessary and old items. Not only does clutter cause stress, but some of these can also make you sick. So, we dug deep this week and found the most common items that you need to let go of to declutter kitchen today! Don’t worry, you’re not alone!

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Plastic containers

Yes, I am sure this will be something that most of us have accumulated in a cupboard. If your containers are overlain stained, have bubbled plastic, or warped, then they need to go! A poor seal can lead to freezer burn, spills, and other problems that can be easily avoided.

Try replacing your containers with these


I’m sure we all know that sponges can make you sick, as they are a breeding ground for bacteria! If your sponge has bits falling off, a little bit of food trapped, or it’s giving off a smell, then it’s definitely time to toss off!

Chipped cups, blows, and plates

We all have a few chipped cups, bowls, and plates in our cupboard, and they need to be tossed out. You don’t wait for any little chips in your coffee or cereal, right?

Old spices and herbs

When you start to organize your pantry we’re sure you’ll find an accumulation of herbs and spices, especially if you don’t cook a lot. A lot of people think you can keep spices for a long time, and generally, you can, but there is a limit, especially if they are not sealed properly. A simple way to check if they are ready to be tossed is if the spice doesn’t have a strong smell or your herbs have a greyish tone.

Old tea towels

Yes, this one is simple. If it’s stained or has a hole, it’s time to let it go. Tea towels are often on display as well, so having old dirty towels out will also make your kitchen look ugly and messy.

Bring colour into your Kitchen with these tea towels

Unused appliances

That impulse buys or unused gift – however you received it – if you don’t use it, just get rid of it. It’s the easiest way to declutter kitchen countertops! You’ll enjoy the added space in your kitchen.

Plastic bags

At some stage, you’ve had piles of plastic shopping bags in your kitchen under the sink or in the kitchen pantry. Not only is this a mess, but it’s also a breeding ground for bugs and definitely needs to be decluttered.

These are a great alternative to plastic bags


how to declutter your kitchen

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