Getting Your Baby To Use A Walker: How To Do It?

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When your baby begins to show signs of growth, you might be eager to see it take its first step. As you know, walking is an essential part of a baby’s life and that of the parents.

Walking shows the baby’s first step toward independence. So, as a parent, you can help your baby take this step to independence and discovery by getting a walker for them.

However, you should note that your child should be able to sit up on their own and crawl before they can use a baby walker. So, let’s find out how you can get your baby to use a walker.

Ensure your baby can sit in the walker:

Your first step as a parent is to familiarize your baby with the baby walker. Let your baby sit on the walker for several minutes each day so he can be used to sitting up and moving his legs. This helps the child walk easier.

Attach toys your baby likes

After learning to stand, your baby needs to learn how to move while on the walker. Though some might make an unexpected initial moment, you need to take action in helping them move the walker. One of the ways to get your baby to use a walker is to attach their favorite toys to the front of the walker.


This gives your baby something to play with when placed in front of them while seated in the walker. Some baby walkers online come with toys attached that would keep the child active and entertained. Also, you can help teach your baby how to reach for the toys and grab what they want. This leads them to move their legs and thus learn to walk.

Teach your baby to stand

A way to help your baby use a walker is by making them stand. First, hold your child by the waist on the walker, then stand up and slowly move your hands away from your baby.


This will ensure your child does not just sit in the walker all day. Additionally, you can repeatedly pull your baby up till he understands that he is supposed to stand when placed in a walker.

Have patience

Walking with a baby walker is a new experience for your baby. Sometimes, they might make slow and sudden movements. Some babies might even be startled when they first use a walker, so you must soothe them.


You also have to note that it will take some time for your baby to be capable of moving in any direction or for a particular time length. Patience will be the key, so you don’t have to be discouraged. This will enable your child to grow into a healthy adult.

That's A Wrap

Many parents are open to the idea of using a baby walker to teach their children how to walk. Baby walkers can support your baby and ensure they stand comfortably in an upright manner while learning how to walk.


Remember, patience is the key to using a walker. When teaching your baby, it might take time to learn. Then, when your baby learns to balance

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