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Choose art correctly – Common mistakes made!

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Choose art correctly to create impact!

Art is the perfect way to decorate your home and pull a room together. If you choose art correctly it can create a beautiful focal point and draw attention in the living room, bedroom or any room in your home. Finding that perfect piece of art is essential so it’s very important to know what you’re trying to accomplish when searching.

Art for you home how to pick the correct art

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When searching firstly consider that space in your home that you’re trying to fill to ensure it’s scaled appropriately. Measure the area up so the art fits perfectly!

Choose the right colour and texture

Look at the colours and textures in the room. Art can add new textures and an instant colour pallet so it’s best to know if you’re after something more contrasting or complementing for your home.

Frame your art!

When you choose art the type of frame is so important! Make sure to consider the piece of art and the room décor when selecting the frame.

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