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How to create a raw natural interior

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Creating a natural interior is easy and affordable!

The raw movement is taking over this season, and we are not talking about food! Natural interior elements often create an inspirational space and often make your home feel more spacious. It’s also an effortless way to bring the outdoors in.


natural elements in your home
stone dinnerware dining room

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This natural element can often be expensive, but today, there are a lot of faux or stone-look materials that look so real you can’t tell the difference. One of the great things about this material is that it often comes in different colours, making it perfect for adding colour or warmth to a room.


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Bamboo has the exotic flare to it and can bring a whimsical wanderer feel when used in decorating your home. It’s a lighter shade element, making it popular in Scandinavian interiors. Although durable enough to make eco-friendly furniture, it can easily to be turned into smaller pieces of art for any natural interior.

timber decor for the home

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Timber will generally be found in most homes, but typically on floors and furniture. These days, timber is making its way into more homewear accessories, such as display blows or trays.

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Fibre materials can come in the form of throws, cushions  or wall tapestry. Adding these items around your home can soften up space as most natural elements tend to be more “solid” pieces.

Rattan furniture for your home

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Rattan is often used to create furniture because it’s lightweight, flexible, and strong. It creates beautiful curves and adds more texture to a room for a more natural interior.

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