How to pick the right plant pot – Size does matter!

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There is a thing as the wrong plant pot!

Is repotting important?

It is so important! Without proper repotting, your brand new plant will quickly outgrow its current plant pot and go from fresh and green to dry and brown. Unfortunately, this easy care tip is a common mistake that new plant owners tend to make. Repotting the plant allows the plant to grow and “spread out.” Aside from giving the plant more space, this will also allow you to change out old potting mix to something more nutritious for the plant.

How to care for plants dead

What size plant pot?

During your plants’ life, you will most likely go through a couple of different pots, and to ensure you’re not consistently changing it, it’s important to do your research. Having a pot too large can lead to root rot because the soil will take too long to drain. If you choose a plant pot that is too small, it means your plant soil will dry too quickly, and your plant might also not have enough room to grow. To ensure you don’t have these issues, select a pot that is 2-4 inches larger in diameter.

Try a pot cover to avoid over repotting

Let’s talk drainage

Root rot will be the end of your home garden, so we always recommend you have drainage to allow any excess water to leave your plant pot. If you have a container in mind that does not have drainage, you can always create your own drainage by layering pebbles and peat moss below the potting mix. This will drain any excess water. It may take some skill mastering the safe level of water required.

Tip: water regularly but in small quantity. If this option makes you nervous, get a pot with a drainage hole.

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