How To Prevent Tree Root Penetration with Pipe Lining

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How To Prevent Tree Root Penetration with Pipe Lining

Trees add a beautiful touch to the property, but they can seriously damage pipes, sewer, and other plumbing around the residential or commercial buildings. Tree roots can find their way into the pipes, which can cause recurring problems for homeowners and businesses alike. Hence there’s the need to keep tree roots at bay; saving big bucks can be enticing with the DIY methods. But it would help to get a sewer inspection camera to know where clogged are hiding.

Let’s get you through the preventive techniques that can keep your sewers for about 50 years after repairs before we dive into how tree roots find their way into the pipes.

Tree Roots Invasion: How?

Tree roots flourish in moisture, and your plumbing is an ideal nutrient-rich environment for tree roots. Genuinely, roots find your pipes attractive, and they penetrate right in, causing cracks, leaks, fractures, and other money-draining mess. With no superpowers to check tree roots invasion in your pipe, how can you tell the signs?

Tree root prevention is the right way to keep the pipes safe. If you already have roots in your pipes, use a proper defensive mechanism to eliminate them and protect your property against recurring cases. There are different means of saving the pipes from poisoning the roots to pipe lining installation by a professional sewer team.

Preventing Tree Root Penetration with Pipe Lining

Sewer pipe lining is a terrific method to keep the roots where they belong, far from your pipes. Pipe lining requires no excavation, digging, or even destruction of sidewalks. It’s the best alternative to repair leaking, cracked, and damaged sewers.

Pipe lining involves inflating and curing new epoxy pipe tubing into old pipes. Therefore, utilizing steam, hot air, or Bluelight LED technology results in a new seal along the walls of old pipes, effectively replacing damaged piping and potentially lasting decades.

However, there are processes for trenchless pipe lining, which aren’t complicated, and take you off the stress. A professional team starts with the sewer camera inspection to ensure they figure out the problem and proffer solutions that last for a long time. Also, they will apply epoxy resin after cleaning the sewer, which will help provide a firm barrier against tree roots invasion of the pipes.

Moreover, if you don’t want your pipe to get damaged before professional sewer inspectors come to your rescue, you  can find a sewer camera for sale. It’s your superpower to know why your water bill is all high due to pipe leakages.

Other Remedies to Tree Roots Penetration

Trying different techniques to save your pipe from tree roots is worth the effort. Aside from pipe lining, there are other methods to utilize, such as;

  • Cut away invasive roots: if you have seen any tree roots in your sewer pipe lately, get rid of them or call in a professional.
  • Place physical barriers: bury metal or wooden barriers at least 6inches lower in the ground alongside your pipe.
  • Poison the roots: copper sulfate septic treatment has proven to be an effective poison for roots, but you could search for other poison for tree roots.


Trees are beautiful, but their roots can wreak havoc on your pipes if you leave them unchecked. Instead of waiting to give that emergency call, buy a sewer camera for inspection purposes, and employ a professional to do a tidy job leaving no stone unturned with the pipe lining installation. Worst of all, you will spend double the amount to repair the damage.

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