Are your plants toxic? Guide to safe indoor plants

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Do you know if you have safe indoor plants?

Indoor plants are a great addition to the home! However, it’s always important to do your research to ensure you have safe indoor plants. Some of the most common indoor plants that may be in our homes could be poisonous to humans, cats and dogs. Knowing more about toxic indoor plants will also help understand where these plants can be placed in your home, whether it could be enjoyed from a distant or elevated.

toxic indoor plants

Please note, if you or your pet have ingested or noticed any unusual symptoms that were not there before, please seek professional medical advice.

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This is one of the most popular indoor plants because it’s extremely easy to grow. The side effects for children and adults are milder, such as swelling or itchiness, but the side effects may be more severe to pets.

Devils ivy indoor plants

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Pathos (aka Devils Ivy)

This ivy is very simple to grow in many different rooms of the home. It’s extremely hardy and well-known for its excellent air purification qualities, which is why it’s such a popular indoor plant. This plant could cause some side effects, such as an upset stomach, swelling, and skin irritation to humans, cats and dogs.


snake plant could be toxic

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Shake plant

This is a very common plant in many homes because of its beautiful printed leaves that grow upright. It’s very hardy and easy to care for, which also makes it very popular. It’s generally considered a safe indoor plants may not be very toxic to humans, but can be toxic for pets.

lily indoor plants could be toxic

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Peace Lily

This is a popular indoor plant because it flowers and thrives in low light corners. It’s also a very popular plant because of its air purification properties. If this plant is ingested by humans or pets, it can have some dangerous side effects, such as swelling, burning, and an upset stomach.

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Ivy (aka English Ivy)

This is a beautiful cascading ivy that is common in many homes. It can, however, cause skin irritation in humans, but can be more severe to pets, such as swelling or an upset stomach.



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