Do you feel like your home office is one of the most un-motivating spaces in your home? A dreary space that more often than not ends up a dumping ground for paperwork or washing.

Even if you don’t work from home, having a space that’s organised and welcoming can help with productivity or accomplishing small household tasks. Whether you’re working on a report or finances here are five things you can do to improve your home office and make it more productive.

  1. Add greenery. It adds so much life to a space and can help lift a mood.
  2. Remove all the clutter and get organised! Add storage such as filing or stationary holders.
  3. Include personal touches to make it feel like “your space”. Add that pink fluffy leopard print cushion if you need!
  4. Get a comfortable chair! Sounds pretty simple right! Avoid dragging the dining room chair over to your desk.
  5. Be prepared. Having stationary ready to go, a plug nearby and a lamp.

These finds from Freedom will have you feeling motivated in no time!

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