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Living room decor need an instant makeover?

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Time to update your living room decor!

We have all been there where your living room is feeling a little dull and you’re unsure on how to add that “spark” to your home. As a result you start to hate everything you own!
Most importantly, did you know you can instantly revitalise your living room quick and cheap with just a few simple interior design tips and tricks. It’s simple to create a whole new feel in your home without spending any money. All you need to do is look at what homewares you already own and place them in new areas. Seems easy enough right? Let us show you how.


Your step by step guide:

Step 1:First of all, move all your furniture around! Every single piece! Besides your lounge or rug make sure also move smaller pieces such as your coffee or side tables.

Step 2: Remove all accessories such as cushions, throws, wall hangings, vases or frames and simply add them in again. This will make you place all your items in a different location in your living room. This will therefore making the room feel different and brand new.

Step 3: Shop around your home! What we mean is, take the print from your study and move it into the living room decor or by swapping cushions with ones from your bedroom will add new colour and textures to your room. Plus in the process give the other rooms a bit of a lift.

Step 4: Finally introduce new life! By adding new plants and greenery to your living room decor it can change the entire feel and bring new energy.

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