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Online cushion shopping tips + 20 you need to own today

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Ever had an online cushion disaster?

Just like fashion, interior trends change just as quickly! Cushions are the home accessory to bring your dated living room into the current interior trend. It’s a simple way to add new life to your living room or bedroom. There are not too many rules when online cushion shopping to your bed or lounge but these tips will definitely make sure you are making an impact.

picking the right online cushion

How to choose the right online cushion!

  • Mixing up the cushion shapes creates interest.
  • Avoid cushions that are exactly the same colour as your couch or sofa as you want them to stand out.
  • There is no right or wrong answer to how many cushions you should have on your couch. Obviously, leave room to sit!
  • Try and stick to one colour palette or try and use complementary colours. This will keep the cushions looking cohesive.

We hunted down 20 of our favourite online cushions options  that will give your home that refresh you’ve been looking for.

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