Places in your home you always forget to clean!

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where you forget to clean

We know where you forget to clean!

Spring is here, and this means Spring cleaning. A lot of us will “think” our homes are squeaky clean, but you may be surprised that you have forgotten to clean a few places. But don’t worry! We have found all the places in your home that might have a little build-up of dirt, dust, and grime that you may forget to clean.


If you can smell something in your kitchen you may forget to clean this. Bin bags can split from time to time, and unfortunately, this can lead to horrible smells coming from your kitchen. Giving your bin a quick clean can solve this quickly.

House plants

Do you know you’re meant to wipe down your plants? This is a really common place for dust to settle and will need a clean.


If you occasionally forget to cover your food before it goes into the microwave, you will get some splatter. It’s a good idea to wipe it down to remove any old food.


Especially behind your TV. This is a common place to find a massive build-up of dust. While you’re at it, grab a dry microfibre cloth and wipe the screen.

Remote control

Unfortunately, this is one of the most touched items in your home, but most common place you can forget toclean

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When was the last time you turned your keyboard over and gave it a shake? Crumbs, dust, dirt, and more will most likely fall out.


Another place where dust and spider webs can easily accumulate when not cleaned regularly.

Underneath appliances

Dirt, crumbs, and mould do build up here (especially if water or dampness gets in there).


Ever wonder why our dishes are not coming out clean? Well, it’s probably because your dishwasher might need a little cleanout! 

Doorknobs, handles, and switches

Just like TV remotes, these often get touched on a daily basis, and if not cleaned regularly can also hold a lot of germs.


common places you forget to clean
common places you forget to clean

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