Showroom Kitchen updates on a budget

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Showroom kitchen updates on a budget? You can!

There is a way to help you achieve your Kitchen updates on a budget and create that showroom feel! We have five easy and inexpensive ways to achieve that!

Showroom kitchen on a budget

Declutter your kitchen

There is nothing worse than having a kitchen that feels so unusable because your counters are just filled with kitchen accessories and appliances. By removing anything unnecessary, including small counter appliances to a cupboard, you instantly have a decluttered harmonious kitchen without spending a cent.

IMAGE by @urbangrayhome

Bring in herbs or greenery

Plants will always be a perfect way to bring your own kitchen to life. Plants can be especially tricky to add in a small kitchen, but if you place a few small potted herbs on the window sill, it can create such big impact.

Colour color kitchen design

IMAGE by @mk_maison

Keep it simple with one accent colour

After you have decluttered and removed items from your kitchen, it’s the perfect time to start adding colour back in. Selecting the colour of choice can be a big move to make. To do this, simply choose a colour from one of your main areas, such as your living room or dining room, and bring it into your kitchen. Add this colour in subtly with a budget friendly tea towel, art, plant pots, or small accessories such as salt and pepper shakers.

IMAGE by @montgofarmhouse

Add a bowl of fruit

Just like adding plants, a bowl of “fresh” fruit will instantly add life and colour to your kitchen. As a tip, faux fruit really does look fake, so – if possible – use real!

Update your kitchen cabinet handles

An inexpensive way to give your kitchen updates on a budget with big impact is to change the cupboard handles. It may seem so simple, but it’s really one of the cheapest and highest return on investment ideas, especially if you’re planning on selling. Plus, they are so simple to install as well!

Update your kitchen with these

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