All the latest decorating ideas for renters!

Renting is sometimes the only solution for now, or maybe it’s preferred… but all renters have the same problem when it comes to making it feel like your rental property feel like a home. There are a lot of restrictions when it comes to painting or knocking out walls. We have found the perfect decorating ideas for renters with solution to the most common renters’ problems. These will have you turning your temporary home into “your home” today.

Renting property how to decorate

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Add lighting around the home with lamps

Lighting is an easy decorating tip for creating a mood and warmth. By picking the right style lamps or simply changing the light bulbs to a warmer light, you can cheaply change the feel of a room without breaking the bank.

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Add textures with fabric

Throws and cushions instantly add colour without having to do much at all, the simplest way to decorate your rental today! You can inject your own style or personality into room easily.

Attaching things to walls, safely

Using temporary hooks for wall art, high-quality wall decals, and suction products are honestly the best solution to safely attach items to your walls. We do recommend doing your research though, as some “cheaper knockoffs” may use lower quality glues that could leave marks or strip paint.

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Add plants to create life and warmth

Plants will always be a fantastic solution to add personalisation to your rental property and add that feeling of life. There are a lot of indoor plants that are low maintenance and can thrive in filtered or low light, so you should have no problem finding the right one for that room.

Finding storage in unexpected places

Storage is something that all renters always have a problem with at some point. An important tip is to think outside of the box as any empty space could be a storage solution. In bathrooms, suction products are good for adding storage for toiletries. There are also trays and baskets that will slide easily under the bed for more storage.

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Scandinavian decor can easily be done!

When you think of a Scandinavian decor, you will always think of statement buffers, sideboards or coffee tables, natural elements, and lots of white! Although there is usually a minimalist feel in the Scandinavian interior, there is a lot that is going into these designs. Very far from simple! Here’s how to create your own Scandinavian-inspired room!

Scandinavian living room grey

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White, white, and more white is the true colour that makes Scandinavian decor. White applies to everything in the room, floors, ceiling and, of course, walls. Starting with a simple base colour will allow you to add the accessories you need to make it feel like your home.

Staying true to this will also reflect on the artwork you hang on these walls. Typical Scandinavia art will have splashes of white or be in a white frame.

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You will rarely see or install wall to wall carpet in a Scandinavia-inspired home. Natural elements, such as timber and stone, are the ideal textures of choice. When it comes to rugs, again a natural look is ideal such as wool or jute.

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Statement pieces are key to this design. Scandinavian homes don’t often have a lot of furniture; they keep to statement designer pieces, and indeed, less is more.

When picking furniture, the key is choosing within the neutral grey and white colour palette and selecting furniture with a crisp clean line.

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Although a high contrasting black and white room is not uncommon with Scandinavian decor, here is where you can add colour. Accessories need to be simple and not overpowering as colour is not often found in Scandinavian interiors. As we know, rules can always be broken, so if you choose to use colour, keep it to small bust within the room.

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Time to update your living room decor!

We have all been there where your living room is feeling a little dull and you’re unsure on how to add that “spark” to your home. As a result you start to hate everything you own!
Most importantly, did you know you can instantly revitalise your living room quick and cheap with just a few simple interior design tips and tricks. It’s simple to create a whole new feel in your home without spending any money. All you need to do is look at what homewares you already own and place them in new areas. Seems easy enough right? Let us show you how.


Your step by step guide:

Step 1:First of all, move all your furniture around! Every single piece! Besides your lounge or rug make sure also move smaller pieces such as your coffee or side tables.

Step 2: Remove all accessories such as cushions, throws, wall hangings, vases or frames and simply add them in again. This will make you place all your items in a different location in your living room. This will therefore making the room feel different and brand new.

Step 3: Shop around your home! What we mean is, take the print from your study and move it into the living room decor or by swapping cushions with ones from your bedroom will add new colour and textures to your room. Plus in the process give the other rooms a bit of a lift.

Step 4: Finally introduce new life! By adding new plants and greenery to your living room decor it can change the entire feel and bring new energy.

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