The Most Common Epoxy Coating Misconceptions

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The Most Common Epoxy Coating Misconceptions

Epoxy coatings were originally invented in the 1930s. Interestingly, they were originally created to help hold dentures in place. But, once their power as an adhesive became known, they were quickly used across a variety of industries.

If you have a concrete floor then adding an epoxy coating can transform it. Unfortunately, many people don’t realize this as they believe one of the following misconceptions:

Epoxy Is An Expensive Option

This is a very common misconception. It’s true that epoxy floor coatings are not the cheapest option. However, they are also not the most expensive. Alongside this, you need to consider how long epoxy flooring will last. It should outlast all other flooring types and won’t need to be recoated or refinished during those years.

In short, over the long term epoxy flooring becomes one of the cheapest options currently available, you simply need to pay a little more for it now.

It Must Be Installed By A Professional

There are reputable firms, such as this specialist in epoxy floor coatings, which will help you choose the floor and install it for you./ It’s also possible that they will do a better job than you.

However, the truth is that you can install an epoxy coating yourself. It can be rollered onto your existing concrete.

But, that doesn’t mean everyone should choose this option. Doing it yourself means carefully preparing the area first to get the best possible finish. In addition, the professionals may use a higher quality product. Doing it yourself is an option but getting a professional to do it may be preferable.

It Has To Be Regularly Maintained

While any type of flooring will benefit from a brush or a mop, that’s all you actually have to do to maintain your epoxy flooring. It’s very tough and will withstand things being dropped onto it without cracking. It’s also waterproof and effectively stain resistant.

All you have to do is clean the surface regularly and the flooring will last for years.

Epoxy Is Just Like Paint

It’s easy to believe that epoxy flooring is basically the same as paint. Both can be rollered on and the two products look similar when they are finished. However, the difference ends here. Paint is much cheaper to buy but it will crack easily and flake. That means your perfect-looking floor will relatively quickly look a lot messier.

In contrast, epoxy flooring is tough and will last for many years without flaking or chipping. It’s designed this way. They may look similar but epoxy floor coatings are a far superior product.

If you’re still undecided regarding an epoxy flooring then take a look at some of the existing ones in your area. Your fitter should be able to show you previous jobs they’ve completed. This will reassure you regarding the quality of their work and the great finish that epoxy flooring provides.

Don’t forget that epoxy flooring is non-slip, that’s certainly not true of many other flooring types.

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