Why your plants keep dying

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why your plants keep dying

Do your house plants keep dying?

Houseplants are the perfect home accessory to complete your home, especially when they look luscious and green.

The thing is, the most common reasons what your plants keeps dying are avoidable.

Not choosing the right potting soil

If you go to your local nursery, you will see a lot of different kinds of potting mix options. Not all plants will thrive in any soil, so to ensure you’re getting the right potting mix, do a little research or speak to someone at the nursery to find out what soil is suitable for your plant to keep it alive.

Not grooming your plants

Remove any dead flowers, leaves, fruit, and dust as soon as you notice it. This ccan take away the energy your plant needs to grow and will result it in your plant dying.

Perfect plant grooming essentials

Overwatering and under watering

If you start to notice your plants look a little limp or the edges of the leaves start turning brown, you might have this problem. To save the plant make sure your soil feels moist, and your pot has good drainage.

Not fertilising

Different plants require a little bit of extra help throughout the year, and this can especially be the case for your indoor plants. Purchasing fertiliser that you can sprinkle on the plant throughout the year can help it grow and give it that extra nutrient that it may not be getting from the soil.

Placing the plant in the wrong light

Too much sun or too little sun could be why your plants keep dying. Always check the plant’s label, so you know you’re purchasing the right plants for that location in your home.


why your plants keep dying
why your plants keep dying

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