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Are you a cliché? Avoid these decorating mistakes!

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Don't make these common decorating mistakes!

If you’re planning on a bedroom or living room update or your current home décor is in desperate need of a change then you’ve landed in the right place.

With all these beautiful homeware pieces coming out daily it’s easy to get inspired to redecorate in your home without thinking about the bigger picture. This can lead to big decorating mistakes that will make your home look messy and ugly. Unfortunately, these decorating mistakes are far too common.

To help you avoid becoming a cliché we broke own the most common decorating mistakes.

decorating mistakes

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Rug to small

Rugs are used to anchor and bring a space or room together. When purchasing a rug make sure you measure the area it’s meant fill and ensure all furniture in that “zone” can touch or makes contact with the rug.

To many decorative pillows

Having too many cushions can make your couch look cluttered. When your’re decorating your couch, ensure you allow enough room to sit.

decorating mistakes

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Hanging art at an incorrect height

Make sure you’re hanging all your art at eye level.

Impulse buying

Before you purchase anything make sure it will go with your current décor style, for example if your style is Scandinavian or Mid-century, and that it also goes with your colour scheme.

decorating mistakes

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Fake plants that look fake

Keeping plants alive is a talent! If you want some added greenery, it’s best to splurge on faux plants that look real. Cheap fake plants will stand out!

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decorating mistakes
decorating mistakes

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