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How to Organise your Fridge

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How to organise your fridge

Organise your fridge today!

Having a messy fridge means you probably have a few spills on the shelves, expired condiments and, worst case, a weird smell. Having a clean and organised fridge will not only make it easy to find everything you need, but will also ensure you’re not being wasteful. It will also save you a ton of money by not having to re-purchase food items you can’t find or have gone passed its use-by date. So, we put together a simple way you can organise your fridge today.

Line things up

This is especially handy with food items that have a shorter shelf life, such as yoghurt. Line them up in order of use by date.

How to organise your fridge

Keep similar foods and condiments together

For example, keeping all your sauces together will make them a lot easier to find.

Use labels

Labelling shelves will make sure your entire household knows where everything goes.

How to organise your fridge

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Use containers or plastic baskets

These will keep similar food items together and will make it easy to slide out and access items you need in your fridge.

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How to organise your fridge
How to organise your fridge
How to organise your fridge
How to organise your fridge
How to organise your fridge

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