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Shhh… Here are all the secret places you can store items in your home!

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storage solutions

We know where you can find more storage in your home!

Storage is something that we all talk about without realising it. When we buy or re-arrange furniture or move home, we’re all trying to create more storage. Unfortunately, a spring clean and tossing out your belongings is not always the answer. The good news is you already have storage space right now that’s sitting empty in your home.

Above doors

That space above the door, below the ceiling, gets overlooked. Get creative and add a shelf.

storage ideas

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The sides of your fridge

That gap might appear too small for anything, but it should be wide enough for tall skinny items, such as an ironing board, broom, or mop.

Under the couch

A great space that gets overlooked. Depending on the gap size, you may be able to add a roller drawer!

The ceiling

You may need to get creative here, but by adding hooks and a net, it makes great storage!

storage ideas

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Under the bed

This is a great space for occasional items or shoes!

Under shelves

This works great in the kitchen. Add hooks under the shelves, and you can hang your mugs.


You can turn stairs into draws. Unless you’re a craftsman, you might need a little help before pulling up your stairs. But if you need extra storage, it’s worth it!

storage ideas

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Behind doors

Whether it’s a large door or cupboard, by attaching hooks, you can use it for extra storage.

Behind your bedhead

It might be a small gap, but you can store thinner items, such as a yoga mat or golf clubs.

Inside another item

For example; that suitcase you occasionally use would be great for seasonal clothing or sports equipment.

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storage solutions
storage solutions

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