How to clean your refrigerator! Have you been doing it wrong?

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clean your refrigerator

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It's time to clean your refrigerator!

Even though your refrigerator gets used a lot it can often be one of the dirtiest appliances in your home. A deep clean on a refrigerator should become at least a seasonal ritual to ensure spills, leaks or expired condiments are ditched. Although a typical wipe down of the fridge sleaves is a good start there are places that we think you’ve missed! So, here’s your go-to checklist to ensure you clean your refrigerator properly every single time!

Remove expired food

Expired food is unhealthy to have in your fridge and can smell. If your refrigerator has an oder this could be why.

clean your refrigerator

Remove all container and shelves

Make sure you remove all vegetable, egg containers and shelves and give them a wash.

Don’t miss the corners and groves

Once you have removed all the containers make sure to wipe between all the groves that hold the shelves in place.

clean your refrigerator

Wipe down jars

Some of your jars and lids will most likely be a bit sticky. Make sure to wipe them down before you put them back in the fridge.

Under and behind the fridge

This is all part of the deep clean! Dust and food may have fallen, rolled or have been kicked under the refrigerator over time.

clean your refrigerator

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How to clean your refrigerator!
How to clean your refrigerator!

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