What every adult home should have (how many do you own?)

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What every adult home should have

When do you consider yourself an adult?

We’re still debating that point but there are definitely items you should own or invent in having in your home for the long run. Although spending your hard earn cash on these “not so fun” items may seem like a bummer, they will definably bring a lot more comfort and ease when you’re actually using them. You may even have a moment when you’re kicking yourself for not purchasing these household items sooner! So, here’s what every adult should have in their home.

A knife sharpener

If you cook, then you’ll chop a thing of two. Chances are you might already have blunt knives, so you’ll need want one of these!

Clothes drying rack

How long can you just hang your clothes over a chair to dry?

A water bottle

There are so many different styles now! Water bottles are basically a must have accessory!


Plates and cutlery that actually match

Toss those hand me down plates and cutlery and invest in a set that you actually like!

A good set of bed sheets

If your sheets are a little scratchy, think about getting a set that will actually give you a good night sleep!

A tool kit

Yes, you will need tools. Having a basic set will definitely come in handy.

Velvet coat hangers

Once you make the switch, you’ll regret not doing it sooner! Your clothes will actually stay on the hangers.

Expandable folder

The easiest way to store and organised bills and important documents.

A printer

There will be multiple times as an adult when you’ll need to print out a document and sign it. Having a low-cost printer in your home will save you a tone of time when you need it.

A plunger

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A pot plant

… and actually, keep it alive!


No more lighting birthday candles on the stove!

Diffuser with essential oils

It all about creating a mood these days in your home.

A full set of pots

Chances are as an adult you’ll want to cook a meal or two. Having the right and enough pots will have you cooking a delicious meal that will impress your mates!

Tupperware with lids that match

The miss match of tupperware containers you’ve collected over the years need to be ditched and replace with a proper set.

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What every adult home should have
What every adult home should have
What every adult home should have
What every adult home should have
What every adult home should have

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What every adult home should have
What every adult home should have

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