The outside of a home is like a book’s cover. It gives people an idea of what to expect inside. Whether you want to sell your home or just want to make some upgrades for your own satisfaction, adding curb appeal is hands down the best way to make your home beautiful and increase its value. Unfortunately, many homeowners feel lost when it comes to amping up the property’s curb appeal. They do not know where to get started!

If you also fall into the same category, we have you covered. The following are a few tried-and-true ideas that will take the exterior of your house to the next level:

  1. Lawn Maintenance

A lush, well-kept lawn makes the ideal backdrop for vibrant floral borders, a terrific place for summertime picnics, and a foraging area for birds and other wildlife. That said, they require a great deal of tender loving care. It will quickly become bald and mossy if you do not maintain your lawn. 

All too often, weeds ruin a gardener’s hard work. Therefore, you should begin by pulling out all the weeds.

Regular mowing is the best approach for eradicating weeds from a lawn. Especially, during the growing season, mowing the grass once a week will prevent weeds from establishing a foothold and spreading their seeds everywhere.

Overgrown trees in the lawn could dent the curb appeal of your house. So do not forget to trim them. However, if you are not a handy DIYer, we recommend hiring professionals for this task. Moreover, finding tree-trimming experts is not difficult anymore, thanks to the popularity of these services across the country. Residents in Texas can easily look up the keywords tree trimming Austin TX, to make their search easier. However, we recommend Austex Tree Service as one of the best professional tree services in the area

  1. Add Outdoor Lighting

The layout of your outdoor living area should be planned to maximize your convenience and comfort. If you give it a cursory glance and then forget about it, you will not be able to make the most of it. After putting money into a patio, BBQ island, and outdoor kitchen, you will have a protected space ideal for hosting parties, spending time with loved ones, or simply taking in some fresh air.

Incorporating outdoor lighting into your landscaping designs allows you to easily alter your outdoor ambiance and atmosphere. The lights may be turned down low for a calm, intimate evening with your significant other or turned up high for a lively outdoor celebration. Unlike in the past, the current market is peppered with outdoor lighting options. While some enjoy the subtlety of recessed lighting, others prefer the energy of track lighting. Regardless of your choice, lighting up the outside of your property will do wonders for its aesthetic value and safety. Be sure to install an outdoor light box, providing a convenient location for hiding all the cables.

  1. Paint The Home’s Exterior

Many homeowners will toss and turn in bed for days trying to figure out what color to paint the inside of their house. But they do not pay the same attention when choosing the color for the home’s exterior. This is a surefire way to rack up the property’s curb appeal. Painting does more than simply increase a home’s value and aesthetic appeal; it also helps extend the property’s lifespan. When painted on the exterior, wood, siding, and other materials are shielded from moisture intrusion and, as a result, keep mold and mildew growth at a safe distance. 

While personal taste plays a role, there are some general guidelines to follow when determining which color works best with a specific kind of home. For instance, if your building’s exterior is made of brick or stone, you should opt for brighter hues like orange and red. Likewise, if your home has more of a frame design, you might prefer to experiment with softer colors like green and blue.

  1. Update Driveway

To be honest, we do not give much thought to our driveway beyond its practical use. Many do not even recognize its presence. However, the driveway seems nothing short of a haven after a hard day at the office. As you draw closer to the driveway, you probably let out a sigh of relief; “finally, I’m home.” Thus, it makes sense to instill life into your driveway.

If you want your driveway to look like new, apply a fresh coat of blacktop sealer. Before using masonry crack filler, homeowners with concrete driveways should clear weeds and debris from minor cracks. A power wash can do more than just clean the surface and eliminate stains; it will also wipe out weeds that have grown in the gaps.  


You may improve your home’s curb appeal in a single day or weekend if you prepare beforehand and focus on the essential chores such as those covered in this article. Most likely, your house already has many attractive features and requires a few adjustments to bring forth its full potential in terms of visual appeal. Get started right away, and you will be stunned by the outcome.


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