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Here’s why your house always looks messy

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house always looks messy

You clean and clean but your house always looks messy!

So, cleaning is obviously not the solution to why your house always looks messy and you have another problem. Unfortunately, it will either come down to poor decorating decisions or you have too much clutter. So, if you think you’re having this problem in your living room, bedroom or any other room of your home we have listed the most common reason why.

No storage

Do you find yourself stacking items in the corner? Multipurpose furniture such as a coffee table with storage under the tabletop is a great solution.

house always looks messy

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Too much or unorganised art on the wall

Before hanging any art on the wall it’s best to lay it out on the floor. By doing this you can visually see how the art will come together once hung. This way you can decide if you need more, less or a shuffle.

Your rug is too small

A small rug can look out of place and contribute to the room looking messy. The rug will look like it doesn’t belong.

house always looks messy

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Ignoring dead plants

Dead plants are just ugly to look at and need to be removed. If you don’t have a green thumb there are some great faux alternatives.

To many decorative items or trinkets

If you think this is could be why your house looks messy try removing all decorative items and add them back one at a time one. This way you’ll only display just the right number of decorative items.

house always looks messy

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To many cushions

A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself, is there enough room to sit?

Cables sticking out

Cables are an eyesore! Use cable ties to keep them neat and to help tuck them away.

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