7 Things to Consider When Building Your Resort House

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7 Things to Consider When Building Your Resort House

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Many factors constitute building a resort. One of the most crucial elements is the design functionality and structural elements that can entice visitors to travel to your resort.

Before venturing into constructing a resort house, it is imperative to focus on the planning phase as it will make or break your dream of having a state-of-the-art resort house.

The things to consider while building a resort house include the land and location you want to build it on, amenities for people trying to escape their mundane routine, design, overall structure, and most importantly, how much you are willing to spend, i.e., your budget.

So, without delay, let us get straight to the topic.

  1. Budget


The foremost thing to keep in mind while constructing a resort house is how much budget you have, as it will determine all the next stages to go smoothly and hassle-free.

It is important to make a detailed budget plan. Remember to mention loans or financial assistance you might need during the building process. In the budget, you can mention things like material cost, contractor’s cost, etc.

Do mention miscellaneous costs to sort out any unforeseen problems that might occur during construction. 

  1. Location

You must carefully analyze the location of the resort and plan accordingly. For example, if you are planning to open a resort in a coastal area with beach views, you must make it easier for visitors for a quick beach getaway. 

In addition, private beaches and pools add more value to your resort as a part of the amenities. 

If you plan to open a resort in Atlanta, it offers gorgeous river views in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. A backyard landscape design Atlanta GA with swimming pools, Jacuzzi, a spa, and a freshly manicured lawn, will attract more visitors. It would be a superb way to get tourists to your resort. 

  1. Facilities

After picking a resort location, you should look at the facilities in the immediate surrounding area. Ensure guests access basic facilities such as restaurants, shops, cafés, etc.

Furthermore, suppose you are building in the middle of the woods or operating off the grid. In that case, you might need to offer some indoor or outdoor facilities such as pools, gardens, spas, or other lucrative outdoor adventurous activities.

Resorts must be able to offer more than just a place to stay. Visitors seek to experience and adventure more than the stay itself. Even though room facilities must be as comfortable as possible, they must be able to enjoy themselves during their stay by spending a day by the pool, sitting in the sun during winters, or spending evenings on the resort lawns.

  1. Design


After the pre-planning stage, you need to select a design layout of the resort that looks eye-candy and can attract customers. You may need to consult designers and architects to create an awe-inspiring design layout. 

The most popular resort designs revolve around safari, beachside, mountain, and eco-friendly resorts. Its structural appeal must be such that it fits the mold. 

Remember that the design depends on the location and climate where you build the resort. Beach resorts would have very different design elements and layouts than mountain resorts. Therefore, select carefully.

  1. Consider Outdoor Living Spaces

Instead of the typical patios and deck scenarios, consider building open-air living rooms with ottomans and daybeds to make your resort stand out from its competitors. A firepit serving as an open kitchen is a new concept that could take your resort to a new level.

Outdoor living spaces could be the best option if they are near a river or in the middle of a beautiful scenic garden or mountains. Pleasant weather could further complement outdoor living and provide a unique staycation experience to its guests.

It will also be perfect for outdoor enthusiasts if you plan to build your resort near outdoor adventure locations or theme parks. For example, people who like visiting zip-line courses, going hiking, gliding, or adventure rides could find the perfect place to stay, which goes with their adventurous spirit.

  1. Log Homes with Modern Facilities

While rooms are common living spaces provided by hotels and motels, resorts must offer a combination of multiple living spaces. This way, it can accommodate people with various preferences. Log homes or cabins that can fit an entire family with natural surroundings could offer families the feel of a home environment.

Just because it is a log home does not mean it cannot have modern facilities. You can use it to incorporate private access to pools, beaches, patio, or deck directly from the bedroom. It is one of the main elements of a luxury resort with exclusive amenities.

  1. Rooftop Amenities


A resort in a beautiful location cannot do justice to its residents without offering rooftop activities. Many resort owners curate beautiful lawns and build pools on the rooftop with exclusive members-only access.

It can also include an open-air gym facility with an open bar and food stands or cafés. A resort experience would not be complete without hosting exclusive events on the rooftop.

Offering rooftop amenities with exclusive membership to its visitors would create an exclusive image of your luxury resort. Guests could easily access it with their rooms downstairs.

It is always important to make your resort look luxurious to attract as many customers as possible.


Building a luxury resort home is all about creating experiences. When building a resort, consider the budget, the land, and location, facilities in the immediate surroundings, etc. Additionally, remember to hire a landscape design professional to help you best use your land.

Next, consider the infrastructure of the resort and the facilities it will offer. Select the ideal resort design and layout that works for the type of resort you are building.

Think about building outdoor living spaces for unique experiences. Build log homes with modern facilities. Lastly, offer exclusive rooftop amenities for social events and gatherings.

All the things mentioned above should be considered when building a resort house. 

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