6 Red Flags of Renting A Storage Unit

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6 Red Flags of Renting A Storage Unit

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Whether you want to renovate your house or move to another property, renting a storage unit is a must. It allows you to keep your belongings in a safe place if you do not have sufficient space at home.

It is important to choose a reliable storage unit that can keep your valuables damage-free and intact. You must do proper research to find a storage unit with a proven track record and a satisfied customer base. Also, the cost of renting a storage unit can vary according to the city and state, and it also depends on the unit size. For example, the monthly cost for a 10’x10 storage unit in Memphis is around $90 per month. Therefore, choose the unit size for the storage unit according to the number of your items.

To choose a safe and suitable storage unit, you must be aware of key factors that can prevent you from making any wrong decision. Let’s find out the red flags of renting a storage unit that will help you avoid renting the wrong storage service.

  • Poor Security

Safety is one of the major concerns of house owners who are looking for storage space to keep their belongings. If your valuable items are damaged or stolen from the storage space, it can increase your expenses. Therefore, you have to ensure that the facility is secured.


You must do thorough research to find a reliable and secure storage unit in your city or state. Let’s say you are looking for a storage unit in Memphis, then get in touch with local people who have rented storage space before. In this way, you will be able to find Memphis self storage units with a good reputation. Additionally, do online research and visit the websites of self-storage companies to check the feedback of customers. It will make help you know whether a particular storage facility is secure or not. It is better to contact companies and ask questions about their security precautions. If a company does not have state-of-the-art CCTV cameras, security guards, and other required amenities, look for another option.


  • Water Damage

Another red flag that you should consider is signs of water damage. If you see water damage in any part of the storage unit, then it means there are chances of dampness damaging your belongings.


Ensure that the storage facility is completely dry and there is no mold on the floors. A climate-controlled storage unit will protect your items from getting deteriorated.


  • Not Getting to See The Facility First

It is obvious that to choose the storage unit, you have to visit the actual place to make the final decision. You have to check the conditions in person to ensure that your belongings will be in safe hands.


If a self-storage company is not allowing you to visit the unit, then do not waste your time and skip to other options. It is essential to see the premises yourself before signing the contract.


  • Bad Reviews

You must go through the reviews of the customers before renting a storage unit. If you see negative feedback from three to four customers, then it raises a question about the credibility of the self-storage company.


If you cannot find any reviews of customers about the company, then consider it also as a red flag. A simple Google search can provide you with valuable customer feedback. It will help you know about the cost, amenities, and everything that you need to know to choose the storage facility. everything


  • Poor Pest Control

While searching for storage facilities, you must keep an eye out for pest infestations. Visit the storage facility and ensure that there are no signs of insects there. Pests like rats and mice can damage your valuables.


Furthermore, you have to ensure that there are no termites in the facility, so your furniture and other wooden items can remain safe. If you see any signs of pest infestation at the storage unit, then avoid renting that place.


Pests carry harmful diseases with them. If you are keeping items like crockery and utensils in the storage unit where there is no pest control, then eventually, it can also affect your health. Your items are going to stay in the storage unit for some time, so you must ensure they are well-protected. Also, while visiting the storage facility, check every corner of the place to ensure there is no way where pests can go through.


  • A Storage Unit is Too Cheap

You must understand that reliable storage units are not cheap. It means if you are getting a quote of the price which is too good to be true, then consider it as a red flag. Usually, cheap storage units have plenty of issues like poor climate control or lack of security that you might face sooner or later.


Therefore, it is essential to have the proper budget if you require a top-notch storage facility that is filled with modern amenities. The items you will be storing are valuable, so you should be willing to spend money to get quality services.


Do proper market research to get an idea of the price ranges of top storage units that have good past track records. It will help you create the budget accordingly, so you will be able to find the right storage facility. Assess your needs also to find the option within your budget. At last, do not get carried away by the low prices of the storage units. Take your time before making the final decision.



Choosing a storage unit is not a straightforward process. You have to keep track of different things to make the right choice. More importantly, you must know about the red flags, so you can remain safe from making any bad decisions. You have to ensure that the storage unit is secure. If the company does not have good security, then it means your items will remain unprotected. You must keep an eye out for water damage signs, pest infestations, and reviews from customers. It will help you rent a high-quality storage facility that can meet your expectations.


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