Indoor plants that are easy to keep alive!

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Indoor plants

Elevating your plants can add a lot of interest to a corner or empty space in  your home. Here are my top five indoor plants that are easy to maintain and look amazing hanging from any wall in your house!

These planters are a must have!

Indoor plants

English Ivy has that timeless elegance and it trails down the Macramé Hanger for a stunning effect. It needs minimal care and likes moist soil and cool, shady rooms.

Air Plants add that attractive, minimalistic look when displayed in a glass jar or pot. Just like the name suggest they don’t need soil, just air. Easy to care for, just soak them in water and let them dry out, repeat this process weekly.

Indoor plants

Aloe Vera has long pointy leaves, which creates a substantial impact and draws attention when displayed in a prominent location. It’s extremely easy to look after and grows well in small, sunny indoor spaces.

 String of Pearls is a carefree succulent that sprawls over the sides of pots and accentuates a room when hung from a wall or ceiling. To care for they require water every other week and will thrive in sun filled spaces.

Indoor plants

Snake Plant is very easy to maintain. Its leaves grow upright, which adds a striking effect when placed in a Macramé Hanger. Simple to look after it and it will grow easily in any light filled room.

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