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Tips for a classier and more comfortable home

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Tips for a classier and more comfortable home

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No matter how busy everyone is or what lifestyle every person has, we all have one thing in common: we love comfortable homes. Comfortable homes are not just desirable for a good night’s sleep. A person’s environment automatically lifts spirits, improves mood, and positively affects health. Certain cities like Kansas present a charm of their own. Ranked by U.S News in the top 50 most livable cities, it is no wonder that people buy homes in Kansas within hours.

However, after purchasing a home, most of us want to upgrade it according to our lifestyles. Making our own house comfortable is ultimately everyone’s goal.

Besides making one’s home comfortable, getting on board the ongoing home décor trends is exciting too. Not everyone is an interior designer, but following the latest trends is a dream for home décor enthusiasts. Nevertheless, we sometimes wonder, is it even possible to achieve that Instagram bedroom look with the realities of a busy life and active (not to mention messy) children? To that, we say everything’s possible by following some easy tricks.

  1. Declutter

When you have too many household items, comfort might not be easy. Minimalism is the new trend; it makes any space look classy, easy to navigate, and easier to relax in. Why not put away the clothes and décor which just went out of season? Declutter your space; make your basements, attics, and garages breathe. We always have items we can’t dispose of or give away just yet because they hold financial or emotional worth.

It would be best to search for a storage unit near home. If you reside in Olathe, Kansas, for instance, search for the best storage units Olathe Kansas offers, where your belongings can be secure and organized.

  1. Warm lighting

It’s a universal practice to install warm lighting in places where comfort is the ultimate goal. Get some warm lighting installed to make portions of your house your go-to comfort space. There’s a world of warm light styles to choose from; bulbs of all sizes and shapes, chandeliers to rope lights, corner lamps, and the list is endless. You can enjoy restaurant-style meals in this warm, comforting setting or get some peaceful reading done in your warm-light reading corner. Moreover, your drawing room furniture and curtains can synchronize with this setting to create an impressive ambiance for guests.  

  1. Create Color themes

Different themes work for different people. Some people paint each room a different color, while some like to paint the main walls solid and keep the remaining walls white. You can be creative and create your own pattern according to what each room makes you feel or according to your moods. You might also spice up the furniture and curtains to match your selected color theme.

  1. Long drapes

Long and large windows have always been attractive and timeless. If your house has long and large windows, that’s great! However, another tip to make your home look classier is to upgrade your curtains with floor-length drapes. This gives an elegant outlook and the impression that you have a timeless selection in home décor. Long drapes are a treat to look at and bring a comfortable aura to any room or space.

  1. House plants, fresh flowers

Any house space or corner can be upgraded with fresh plants and flowers. They have a calming effect and freshen the aura around the house instantly. They can be all green in stylish metal pots, clay pots, or hanging on a little wall garden; the possibilities and outlooks are endless. Fresh flowers are beautiful; you can arrange them in infinite ways, according to your taste and liking, and add a dash of your personality to flower arrangements to make the space around you more homely.

  1. Upholstery

This is an easy way to keep your house classy yet comfortable. It can be as pocket friendly as you want or as expensive as you can afford. Upholstery can always be changed, updated, and experimented with. Adding colorful cushions, pillows, or floor cushions can freshen up any space instantly. Carpeting can be changed to suit your preference or removed altogether if you like hardboard floors. The possibilities and varieties to choose from are endless. You can select according to your pocket, comfort, or ongoing trend.

  1. Think functionally and beautifully

While purchasing appliances, you usually check their specifications according to the usage of that particular appliance. However, if you select the appliance’s model according to your color scheme, for example, wouldn’t that give your appliance’s designated space a classy look? For example, while purchasing a washing machine, you may select a top loader or a front loader, whichever makes the laundry room look better.

  1. Tidy wardrobes and cabinets

Staying aligned with the minimalistic concept, when you keep fewer items at homes, such as in the kitchen and clothing wardrobes, the less space consumption makes for tidier cabinets and wardrobes. Tidy spaces contribute greatly to comfort by providing easy access to all items while being visibly appealing. Having everything in reach greatly reduces stress and makes your house the most comfortable place!


Making your living space comfortable is important. How you wish to do it may change with your lifestyle, budget, and ongoing trend. Adding a touch of your personality to your living space in terms of décor or paint will always be classy because it will be unique to you. Don’t be afraid to experiment with ideas because it’s your home and your budget.

Sometimes you can bring about small changes at home without buying anything new. Keep your ideas alive and look around your house. There may be some long-forgotten memories and items which have longed to see the light of day! Bring them out and put them on display and enjoy them! Likewise, move around the furniture which has been away from the spotlight. Home improvement is always fun! Enjoy making upgrades to spaces around the house to make it more comfortable and pleasing and a treat to come back home to.

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