Bedroom styling


Time to style a bed properly!

We’re revealing the interior designer secrets to creating the showroom bedroom that you see all over social media and it starts with bed styling! It’s easier than you think as well, from simple placement of the doona on the bed to using the right cushion inserts, we have the tips so you can style a bed like an interior stylist today!

How to style a bed interior designer

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Size up your doona

Bigger is better they say, and this is definitely the case when it comes to your doona. Sizing up your doona gives the bed that luxurious feel and looks amazing. When styling your doona, pull it down to the end and let it overhang until it nearly touches the ground.

You need to have a valance!

A valance gives your bed a polished showroom look, and it instantly covers those ugly bed bases. They come in different textures and quilted patterns, so it’s perfect for adding more texture and detail to your bed.

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Feather cushions

To achieve that showroom feature cushion look with the twin peaks, you need more than a good “karate chop”! You need the correct cushion insert. Interior designers stand by the feather insert to achieve this look.

Bedsheets can stand out

No longer are bedsheets forgotten about and are just “basic.” Bedsheets have come a long way with patterns, so it’s defiantly worth considering this when styling and if you find your bed lacking interest.

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You must have a throw

Throws always add that final luxurious touch when you style a bed and adds texture, which is why you never see a styled bed without a throw. There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to styling a bed throw. As the name says, just throw it in a few ways and at different angles until you get the desired look you’re after.

Create your bedroom look with these!

How to style a bed like an interior designer

There are so many different types of bed sheets!

Thread count

Thread count is the number of threads that pass through a square inch of your sheet. Generally, the lower the thread count, the rougher the sheets will be; but over time as the sheets are washed, they will get softer. If you’re looking for a more comfortable or dense bed sheet aim for the highest thread count within your budget.

Blue linen bedding


Linen is a popular fabric for bed sheets as it’s known to be anti-allergenic. This fabric is preferred for people with skin diseases, any allergies, or if you tend to overheat during the night. Linen fabric also allows a lot of air flow through it. Although linen can be a little rough at the start, after washing linen sheets, they become very soft with a nice added shine.

Linen Bed Sheet Picks


Silk is naturally hypoallergenic and is an excellent option for anyone who suffers from allergies, plus it will keep you cool if you tend to overheat at night. They do tend to be much more expensive and considered luxury bedding because of how they are produced and will require more delicate care when washing.

Silk Pillowcase Picks


Bamboo fabric can be known to feel silky, soft, very durable, and breathes like cotton. It’s the happy medium, giving people the best of both silk and cotton sheets without the high price tag. It’s made through chemically dissolving pulp, then turning it back into a solid to make a thread for the fabric.

Bamboo Bed Sheet Picks


Cotton material is the most common bed sheet fabric that comes it any colour. It’s extremely popular because it’s durable, easy to care for, and will get softer over time. Cotton does a great job of staying cool, even during the hot summer nights because it’s a very breathable fabric.

Cotton Bed Sheet Picks

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