why your plants keep dying

Do your house plants keep dying?

Houseplants are the perfect home accessory to complete your home, especially when they look luscious and green.

The thing is, the most common reasons what your plants keeps dying are avoidable.

Not choosing the right potting soil

If you go to your local nursery, you will see a lot of different kinds of potting mix options. Not all plants will thrive in any soil, so to ensure you’re getting the right potting mix, do a little research or speak to someone at the nursery to find out what soil is suitable for your plant to keep it alive.

Not grooming your plants

Remove any dead flowers, leaves, fruit, and dust as soon as you notice it. This ccan take away the energy your plant needs to grow and will result it in your plant dying.

Perfect plant grooming essentials

Overwatering and under watering

If you start to notice your plants look a little limp or the edges of the leaves start turning brown, you might have this problem. To save the plant make sure your soil feels moist, and your pot has good drainage.

Not fertilising

Different plants require a little bit of extra help throughout the year, and this can especially be the case for your indoor plants. Purchasing fertiliser that you can sprinkle on the plant throughout the year can help it grow and give it that extra nutrient that it may not be getting from the soil.

Placing the plant in the wrong light

Too much sun or too little sun could be why your plants keep dying. Always check the plant’s label, so you know you’re purchasing the right plants for that location in your home.


why your plants keep dying
why your plants keep dying
where you forget to clean

We know where you forget to clean!

Spring is here, and this means Spring cleaning. A lot of us will “think” our homes are squeaky clean, but you may be surprised that you have forgotten to clean a few places. But don’t worry! We have found all the places in your home that might have a little build-up of dirt, dust, and grime that you may forget to clean.


If you can smell something in your kitchen you may forget to clean this. Bin bags can split from time to time, and unfortunately, this can lead to horrible smells coming from your kitchen. Giving your bin a quick clean can solve this quickly.

House plants

Do you know you’re meant to wipe down your plants? This is a really common place for dust to settle and will need a clean.


If you occasionally forget to cover your food before it goes into the microwave, you will get some splatter. It’s a good idea to wipe it down to remove any old food.


Especially behind your TV. This is a common place to find a massive build-up of dust. While you’re at it, grab a dry microfibre cloth and wipe the screen.

Remote control

Unfortunately, this is one of the most touched items in your home, but most common place you can forget toclean

We recommend these organic cleaning products


When was the last time you turned your keyboard over and gave it a shake? Crumbs, dust, dirt, and more will most likely fall out.


Another place where dust and spider webs can easily accumulate when not cleaned regularly.

Underneath appliances

Dirt, crumbs, and mould do build up here (especially if water or dampness gets in there).


Ever wonder why our dishes are not coming out clean? Well, it’s probably because your dishwasher might need a little cleanout! 

Doorknobs, handles, and switches

Just like TV remotes, these often get touched on a daily basis, and if not cleaned regularly can also hold a lot of germs.


common places you forget to clean
common places you forget to clean
coffee table alternative

These coffee table alternative options will improve your home

Having a coffee table or a  coffee table alternative is essential in a living room is important. Somewhere you can put that glass of wine on, display “coffee table” books (or coasters that you may or may not use) or to put your cup of coffee on. I definitely went through the motions when I decided what to do with my coffee table “situation” as soon as I moved to a smaller home.

The solution seems easy enough now, but the endless Pinterest searching – looking for inspiration – did get boring after a while.

Nevertheless, I have the solution to all your coffee table dilemma. These great alternatives not only free up more floor space in your home to make it feel less cluttered, but can also provide more interest.


Solution 1 – Matching side tables


Two is better than one, and we can confirm that this is definitely the case in this situation by using two of the same side tables. This works great in small spaces as you can easily split them on either side of the couch or bring them to the middle to give the illusion of a full-size coffee table.

coffee table


Solution 2 – Stools

I don’t think I need to talk able the practicality of this. Having stools with a solid flat top will act as additional seating and a “floating” coffee table.

bench in living room


Solution 3 – Bench (with storages and add tray if needed)

This coffee table alternative is especially perfect for small homes. Having a bench that also works as a coffee table AND storage is a great coffee table alternative.

living room with nesting tables


Solution 4 – Nesting tables

Well, two is better than one, but three is even better! Nesting tables are an excellent alternative for small spaces. Generally, they will sit as a single side table, but when guests come over or you need additional “coffee table” space, then they spread out and cover all those needs.


Solution 5 – Ottoman and tray

Ottomans, just like stools, provide great additional seating (although some might not be overly comfortable) and also add that extra comfort if you need to put your feet up. They can easily convert very well to a coffee table by adding a tray to provide a solid base for drinks, and so on.

Eclectic can feel super luxe!

This is definitely how we feel about the new range from Adairs! We are loving all the spring feels coming from their rattan and bamboo furniture, splashes of terracotta, beautiful patterns AND (of course it wouldn’t be spring without) their Peony cushion!

bedroom mood board
colour pallet


Desert Sand Table Light | VIEW HERE

Konya Teal & Amber Rug | VIEW HERE

Marais Mustard Bed Throw | VIEW HERE

Natural Floor Light | VIEW HERE

Green Velvet Bedhead | VIEW HERE

Heneken Plant Green | VIEW HERE

Rattan Chair | VIEW HERE

Masai Natural Wash Basket | VIEW HERE

Cotton Clay Tile Sheet  | VIEW HERE

Hamilton White Side Table | VIEW HERE

Oak Round Mirror | VIEW HERE

Soar Sky Flight Wall Art | VIEW HERE

Peony Garden Cushion | VIEW HERE

Madeline Forest Cushion | VIEW HERE

Vintage Washed Clay Linen Cushion | VIEW HERE

Creating a natural interior is easy and affordable!

The raw movement is taking over this season, and we are not talking about food! Natural interior elements often create an inspirational space and often make your home feel more spacious. It’s also an effortless way to bring the outdoors in.


natural elements in your home
stone dinnerware dining room

Image via Pinterest


This natural element can often be expensive, but today, there are a lot of faux or stone-look materials that look so real you can’t tell the difference. One of the great things about this material is that it often comes in different colours, making it perfect for adding colour or warmth to a room.


Image via Pinterest


Bamboo has the exotic flare to it and can bring a whimsical wanderer feel when used in decorating your home. It’s a lighter shade element, making it popular in Scandinavian interiors. Although durable enough to make eco-friendly furniture, it can easily to be turned into smaller pieces of art for any natural interior.

timber decor for the home

Image via Pinterest


Timber will generally be found in most homes, but typically on floors and furniture. These days, timber is making its way into more homewear accessories, such as display blows or trays.

Image via Pinterest


Fibre materials can come in the form of throws, cushions  or wall tapestry. Adding these items around your home can soften up space as most natural elements tend to be more “solid” pieces.

Rattan furniture for your home

Image via Pinterest


Rattan is often used to create furniture because it’s lightweight, flexible, and strong. It creates beautiful curves and adds more texture to a room for a more natural interior.

So, you want to make your house look expensive

Having a home that looks expensive and attractive can seam hard but it’s actually more budget friendly than you think. It’s all about bringing the right items into your home that are carefully selected and placed accordingly. Before you can even start to implement these ideas it’s important to know your style and what you want your home to look like. This could be a Scandinavia or Mid-Century styled home for example. Once decided and you have a good idea of your style, adding these simple tips will create the look you’re trying to achieve with an “expensive touch”.

living room expensive looking
Living room with picture frame

Image via Pinterest

Picture frames

Matching pictures frames create that stylish looks and are extremely affordable as well. The trick is to try and use the same style frame throughout the home and if not the same style frame then selecting frames that complement each other. This could be in a similar wood, metal or colour. By being intentional with your fame selection and not just selecting any mish mash of frames it will instantly create a gallery or museum look throughout the room.

Try these frames

Image via Pinterest

Choose one colour scheme

This is a common one that a lot of people find hard to stick to. It is so easy to get swept up in the latest trends or try to replicate someone home we saw on social media. Because of this it’s so important to be strict and stick to your colour scheme. A cohesive colour pallet will instantly make your room look like it’s been put together really well.

Image via Pinterest

Less is more!

That’s right, clutter looks bad and make your home looks messy and unorganised. It great to add personality in your home with ornaments and decorative items but the impact and the uniqueness of them can get loss when you have to many. The easiest way to remove clutter is to remove all “loose” items (frames, ornament, candles, etc) and slowly bring back in your favourites. When it looks like enough put the rest in storage. This alone can make your house look expensive instantly! You can rotate them through next time you want to give your room a refresh.

Neutral homewares are a good idea to!

What you should know about organic cleaning products

As we head into spring, we generally head into “Spring cleaning” mode. So, with all this talk about organic cleaning products being recommended left, right, and centre, we thought we should really understand why.

If you’re like me, household cleaning is such a chore, and I have been a victim to the quick fix labels promising sparkly bathrooms and shiny floors quickly. After doing some research, there is definitely a lot of reason and more affordable cleaning options out there that will clean just as well.

Organic cleaning products

A healthier home

The reason why “instant sparkle” happens with conventional cleaning products is because of the harsh chemicals. Spraying these toxic particles into the air can be bad for your health  even if the effects are not immediate. Harsh chemicals can cause skin irritation and can affect breathing in some cases. If you have been effected by this then organic cleaning products might be worth considering.

Safer products

Chemical burns or breathing in toxins are harmful effects of using some chemical cleaners. Using organic cleaning products is safer for us, but are also generally safer in your home. It will most likely cause less damage to your personal belongings.


Better for the environment

This one really speaks for itself. Using chemical-based cleaners can release harmful chemicals into the environment by being washed down into our waterways or released into the air. Avoiding or using less can definitely contribute to a positive future.

It’s cheaper than you think!

There is some talk about the price of organic products, but a lot of these cleaning products can be made with natural ingredience you have around your home, such as vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice, and so on. There are tons of natural cleaning recipes that are a click away.

We also recommend organics on a budget for affordable organic products, including food, makeup, and more!