Do you fake it? Our top 5 artificial plants that look REAL!

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Hands up if you have lost count of how many plants you have sent to the plant god! 

Confession time for me… ALOT… and I do not want to think about how much money I have spent.  Artificial plants have definitely come a long way the last few years especially most recently. They are more realistic than ever which is why so many of us have made the switch.

So here are our top picks from some of the most popular stores at the moment.

POTHOS BUSH IN POT 30cm Green  –  $29  –  BUY NOW

Home Republic Toledo Green Agave Plant  –  $49.99  –  BUY NOW

Botanical Plant Gingko Tree  –  $349.99  –  BUY NOW

Artificial Monsteria Plant  –  $75  –  BUY NOW

Faux Snake Plant – $34  –  BUY NOW

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