How to care for your succulents in winter

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Sorry for bringing it up, but winter is just around the corner and it’s time to get educated on caring for your succulents during this frosty period.

Most Australians don’t live in the snow so we need not worry about that with our succulents but it still gets very cold in some parts, and you might need to bring them in during the cold winter.

Succulents need sunlight, and it’s important that even though they are indoors, you need to give them time in some sunlight. Keeping them close to a window is helpful so do not move them around so much.

Water less in the winter, as they really need little. A good tip is once the water has dried up water again. Generally, I water them every 2 weeks or monthly just depending on how the soil is feeling (or let’s face it, if I remember).

Good draining pot, need I say more?

And finally, keep the temperature pretty standard. Not too cold or hot. When you are comfortable, your succulents are comfortable.

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