Interdesign IDJR Large Tote Cabinet Organiser Clear


Carry a load of different things and organise your cupboard using the Large Tote Cabinet Organiser from Interdesign. Prevent the struggle of carrying more than can with this easy to carry and easy to use organiser that you can transport and store. Made from durable BPA-Free plastic and designed in a compact way with added teal-coloured handles, the Large Tote Cabinet Organiser from Interdesign is perfect for sorting out the clutter inside your home. Not just for the kitchen, this multifunctional organiser is also designed to carry work, school, making and different supplies. Capable of carrying anything, this space-saving organiser can also fit into tight spaces and carry more objects at the same time, providing more room for other devices and appliances. Constructed with transparent walls for easy visibility and storage, this Large Tote Cabinet Organiser is also very easy to clean and requires hand washing only.


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