Amazing Coffee Table Alternative options!

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coffee table alternative

These coffee table alternative options will improve your home

Having a coffee table or a  coffee table alternative is essential in a living room is important. Somewhere you can put that glass of wine on, display “coffee table” books (or coasters that you may or may not use) or to put your cup of coffee on. I definitely went through the motions when I decided what to do with my coffee table “situation” as soon as I moved to a smaller home.

The solution seems easy enough now, but the endless Pinterest searching – looking for inspiration – did get boring after a while.

Nevertheless, I have the solution to all your coffee table dilemma. These great alternatives not only free up more floor space in your home to make it feel less cluttered, but can also provide more interest.


Solution 1 – Matching side tables


Two is better than one, and we can confirm that this is definitely the case in this situation by using two of the same side tables. This works great in small spaces as you can easily split them on either side of the couch or bring them to the middle to give the illusion of a full-size coffee table.

coffee table


Solution 2 – Stools

I don’t think I need to talk able the practicality of this. Having stools with a solid flat top will act as additional seating and a “floating” coffee table.

bench in living room


Solution 3 – Bench (with storages and add tray if needed)

This coffee table alternative is especially perfect for small homes. Having a bench that also works as a coffee table AND storage is a great coffee table alternative.

living room with nesting tables


Solution 4 – Nesting tables

Well, two is better than one, but three is even better! Nesting tables are an excellent alternative for small spaces. Generally, they will sit as a single side table, but when guests come over or you need additional “coffee table” space, then they spread out and cover all those needs.


Solution 5 – Ottoman and tray

Ottomans, just like stools, provide great additional seating (although some might not be overly comfortable) and also add that extra comfort if you need to put your feet up. They can easily convert very well to a coffee table by adding a tray to provide a solid base for drinks, and so on.

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