Why you might choose organic cleaning products

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What you should know about organic cleaning products

As we head into spring, we generally head into “Spring cleaning” mode. So, with all this talk about organic cleaning products being recommended left, right, and centre, we thought we should really understand why.

If you’re like me, household cleaning is such a chore, and I have been a victim to the quick fix labels promising sparkly bathrooms and shiny floors quickly. After doing some research, there is definitely a lot of reason and more affordable cleaning options out there that will clean just as well.

Organic cleaning products

A healthier home

The reason why “instant sparkle” happens with conventional cleaning products is because of the harsh chemicals. Spraying these toxic particles into the air can be bad for your health  even if the effects are not immediate. Harsh chemicals can cause skin irritation and can affect breathing in some cases. If you have been effected by this then organic cleaning products might be worth considering.

Safer products

Chemical burns or breathing in toxins are harmful effects of using some chemical cleaners. Using organic cleaning products is safer for us, but are also generally safer in your home. It will most likely cause less damage to your personal belongings.


Better for the environment

This one really speaks for itself. Using chemical-based cleaners can release harmful chemicals into the environment by being washed down into our waterways or released into the air. Avoiding or using less can definitely contribute to a positive future.

It’s cheaper than you think!

There is some talk about the price of organic products, but a lot of these cleaning products can be made with natural ingredience you have around your home, such as vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice, and so on. There are tons of natural cleaning recipes that are a click away.

We also recommend organics on a budget for affordable organic products, including food, makeup, and more!

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