Guide to different interior design styles

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Do you know what interior design style you have?

We have broken down the most popular interior design trend to help understand your favourite style.

Interior design style trends

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Mid-Century Modern

The Mid-Century style is primarily from the mid-1900s. The designs produced from this era are quite easily spotted (and reproduced) because of the tapered legs predominately on side boards and coffee tables and beautiful geometric shapes found on wall art and cushions. There are lots of wood elements in this design style, bold fabric choices, and the use of moulded plastic and plywood.

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A well known modern interior design trend, the industrial style takes its inspiration from old factories and industrial spaces. It uses a lot of recycled metal elements with the modern look incorporating copper. You will often see the structural elements, such as ceiling beams, pipes, or exposited brick walls. There is not often a lot of colours with this interior design style, mostly greys, whites, and black. If colours are brought in, they are used in a bold way, such as a feature wall.

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The bohemian styles bring an eclectic and worldly feel to the home. It usually brings in unconventional elements and tends to look like a collection of beautiful personal belonging. Rooms usually consist of plants, pattern rugs, and lots of different textures brought in with soft furnishing. These include tapestries, poofs, cushions, and throws. Although eclectic, the homewares will complement each other with the colour pallet.

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The Scandinavian interiors style trend is often minimalistic and has a modern simplicity about it. The rooms will have a lot of light, timber floors, natural elements, some form of greenery  neutral colour palette, and is clutter-free. The pieces of furniture in the rooms are usually high-quality pieces with clean lines.

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