Why did your garage door stop working?

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Why did your garage door stop working?

The things you use the most are the things that wear out the most, which is why maintenance is critical. As the most frequently used entrance and exit in the average residential home, the garage door is also subject to daily wear and tear and may even stop working. Consequently, a garage door is likely to have functional problems from time to time. The source of these problems can vary and it is not recommended that you try to fix it yourself, as it could worsen the wear and tear damage. Therefore, it is essential to call a professional to make your garage door as good as new.

If you have a garage door that will not open or work when you control it by remote, knowing the most common causes of why your garage door stopped working is best to hire the most suitable professional to solve your garage door problem. Below are the most common reasons why garage doors stop working:

Electrical or telecommunications faults

Electrical faults can involve simple scenarios, such as a faulty electrical outlet or the opener having been accidentally unplugged while leaving the garage through the inside door of the house. However, more commonly, electrical problems involve more serious scenarios, such as a blown fuse, Wifi connection or circuit breaker. These types of problems should only be handled by a professional.

Lack of maintenance or improper maintenance

Garage doors often make rattling noises or look rusty. Although these problems are very similar to those of a normal house door, keep in mind that a garage door is not like a typical door. Garage doors usually have a more complex system, such as a motor and springs. Broken springs are one of the most dangerous but unavoidable issues that can occur with a garage door opener system. Each spring is rated according to its maximum number of cycles. Once a spring has reached its maximum number of cycles, it needs to be replaced. In this case, do not attempt to manually open or activate your garage door if one of the springs has broken. Also, do not attempt to fix or even tamper with a spring. Contact a garage door service specialist immediately to handle any problems involving defective or broken garage door springs.

Disconnected or damaged remote

A dead battery is not the only problem that can prevent a remote control from doing its job. If you press the button and the door does not activate, something could be blocking the signal. Alternatively, it could be out of range. There is also the possibility that the remote antenna in the opening device has become clogged or damaged.

The garage door does not close properly

This may be the most apparent and yet the most complicated problem. It may involve damage to the door, the remote control, the engine and even one of the parts of the opener assembly. In this case, it is best to call a garage door technician as soon as possible. Do not attempt to close and open the door manually, as any action could worsen the fault.

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