Why Wooden Doors Are Better Than Other Door Types

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Why Wooden Doors Are Better Than Other Door Types

Doors are of various forms, sizes, colors, and brands, so choosing the right door for your home could be challenging.


A door is a practical way of investing in your home’s aesthetics and security. A wooden door is the best option for you to invest wisely and get the best value for your money. Continue reading to know why you should pick wooden doors for your home.

Why Should You Choose a Wooden Door?

Wooden doors are generally better than all other door types available on the market. They are repairable, more customizable, and environmentally friendly.

1. Wooden Doors Are Good Insulator

Wooden doors are good insulators like the parent material. Wooden doors are poor conductors of heat. They trap warm air indoors during winter and prevent the summer heat from entering; the benefit is all year long.

2. Sound Resistance

Wooden doors are resistant to noise, and they significantly reduce the number of sound waves. This quality provides privacy to people in a residential apartment. So, if your children are noisy or enjoy blaring loud music, an in-house wooden door is the way to go.

3. Corrosion Resistance Quality

The requirements to keep wooden doors in good condition are meager to keep the sealant in top condition. Exterior doors are subjected to oppressive weather that can lead to corrosion or rusting over time. However, heat, rain, storms, snow, and ice do not affect wooden doors.

4. Durability

Wooden doors often outlive the people that purchase them. This property leads to less energy being consumed. Wooden doors, like timber doors, can last up to 50 years with proper care. To keep doors in good condition, wipe the surface with a damp cloth using a non-abrasive soap and recoat.

5. Flexible and sustainable

Wooden doors are the most flexible, sustainable, and versatile doors on the market. A wooden door’s appearance can be switched up with simple sanding and paint striping; a wooden door can wear a new look.

6. Easy To Repair

Damages to metal, fiberglass and aluminum doors are easily repairable, while wooden doors can be sanded and remodeled often. Wooden doors made from hardwood strongly resist dents, scratches, and other forms of surface tear and wear.

7. Enormous Selection Pool

Parkwood doors from different trees, and the diversity of the material represents different strengths and capabilities. Examples include oak doors, walnut doors, mahogany doors, maple doors, knotty alder doors, and cherry doors.

8. Environmentally sustainable

Wooden doors are made from a renewable material, which can be done by planting more trees, and are recyclable. Also, the manufacturing process left behind minimal waste. So the entire process of making, using, and disposing of a wooden door is entirely in alignment with nature.

9. Aesthetic

Wooden doors are simple, fit into any setting, and offer more utility than other door materials. Wooden doors come in different colors, allowing them to suit any background’s ambiance.

Homes need doors because they enhance the aesthetics and ambiance of a space. You must purchase a door that will serve you well and for a long time. Get the most out of your money by purchasing wooden doors for your home’s interior and exterior.


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