Buyers Guide: What to Look for During a Home Inspection

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Buyers Guide: What to Look for During a Home Inspection

Without a doubt, most homeowners do catchy interior and exterior renovations before listing their houses for sale. While those might be baits to shift buyers’ attention off irregularities, the latter may ensue due to an oversight in other cases. Focusing on specific aspects makes you detect these issues and point them out quickly. 

Inspecting your potential property is a critical part of its sales process. But if you’re a first-timer, you may find it pretty stressful, causing you to hasten things up. Eventually, these problems may become a significant consideration when it’s too late.

Below are a few things to examine when checking your chosen home.


The condition of the building is primary during your inspection. While many houses are structurally firm, natural disasters may weaken their components over time.

Cracked walls, slabs, crawl space, ceilings, etc., give you insight into the foundation’s integrity. Early discovery of structural damage saves you from the draining financial implication. Perhaps you’re not savvy in the construction field; you can hire a structural engineer.

The Exterior

Is the home welcoming? You’ll know this through its painting, curb, deck, porch, pool, gutter, etc. Check if or not the coat seems to come off. Ornamental elements like gardens, hedges, and lawns, must be landscaped.

The fencing, gates, garage, lighting, and walkways are also what contributes to the security and appeal of your property. Moreover, look for possible roof damages or leaks.

The Interior

The interior is no less critical part during an open inspection. Are the windows and doors functioning appropriately? What’s the state of the floors, walls, and rooms? Does the home fit your style? Do the bathrooms, toilets, and vanities have precise layouts?

Examine the cabinets and other furniture works if intact. You can evaluate  surface quality via dye penetrant testing. Make sure to note if there is an extra room for a home office or a play area for toddlers. Rate the ventilation and home efficiency.


Online lists of for-sale apartments highlight some features to expect alongside the property. These may include a gym or mini sporting space. In most cases, the overall price estimate includes their costs. If otherwise, you’ll need to add an extra payment or negotiate the price. Whichever way, ensure the amenities are situated as recorded.

Plumbing and Electricity

Check for pipe bursts or leaks in the laundry room, bathroom, and kitchen. Run the faucet and tap water to see if they’re in their best conditions. Also, ensure the water heater’s function is satisfactory. Verify that the septic tank is a couple of meters away from the house and water source.

In addition, the electrical outlets, light fixtures, and wiring are hazardous if faulty. Consult with an electrician to inspect all electrical components thoroughly.

Pest Control

Even though a property may be your dream acquisition, pest invasion can make it unimaginable hell. Find out about the frequency of termite, cockroach, and rodent problems. Contact a pest control company to help to prevent them if they’ll be a thing.


The list of things to consider can be endless. Another is the crime and noise rate in the neighborhood. If you see an open home inspection as a daunting task, go along with a specialist.

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